Guitar duex (or the beatles reboot)

I am trying my hand at making another guitar, this time, playing with leather, and different colors, and just having fun… THIS is my progress so far


I left the ‘soot’ on the ring and then covered it with a flat coating, to give more of a shadow effect so the center looks deeper.


This looks wonderful!!

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This is all Baltic birch, I am getting the different wood effects, by using different stains, and then taking some shop towels, and rubbing off the excess and adding boiled linseed oil onto a shop towel to muck with the lightness / darkness of the stain. (rubbing linseed oil onto stained / still wet wood)

I love what you did with this. Keep going. Your experiments come out as beautifully finished products.

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Nice job on that! I’ve always liked that design. It just looks so realistic.

yea, so do I


It’s amazing how something as small as adding leather can make this look so much warmer! I can’t think of any other words for it but this is such a great touch!

LOL thanks! the DEVIL is in the Details

coming soon … . the Joni Mitchell Edition. . .

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