Guitar Pick Display

My daughter has been buying souvenir guitar picks when we travel.
Made a display for them.


Great way to organize and display them! :sunglasses:


Very cool design. The guitar shaped base is perfect!


This is a nice design executed well.


Love the base … and what a great idea for a way to display them.

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That is so cool. Do you ever get any that are double-sided? If so, it would look great with a white surround and clear back, or an all-clear display.

Love how you are using your Glowforge.

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That is an awesome design!!

What a fabulous idea!

I have an idea for two sided display. Need to get some thinner material. Will post pictures when I get it done.

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That looks great! I didn’t realize the base was a guitar until I saw the second pic; I thought it was just an odd-shaped base. Oops! Maybe just a short neck on it? I love the display. Very interesting collection!

like it!

Neat! Great work!

Love this!!! I would love to make this!!!

Great little project! and Thank you for posting it, you gave me great inspiration. This last spring I found a bunch of fossil shark teeth when we were in South Carolina. I’ve been struggling for a way to display them so someone could look closely at the whole collection and still keeping them together. I think this might be perfect with three layers of clear plastic and custom shapes cut to hold them captive.

Thank You.


That sounds awesome! Please do that and share the results!


This is fantastic!

Very snazzy looking. Great job.

Everyone’s feedback led me to create a second, 2-sided version of the guitar pick display…and I like the new one so much better. In the first version, I engraved the pockets for the picks which really slowed down the process (almost an hour to produce). In the new version, I created everything with cuts (and score lines around the picks just for decoration). This version takes less than 5 minutes.

I also made a version with a longer tab at the bottom for use in LED light bases.

Thanks for everyone’s comments…very helpful.


Thanks for your comments which led me to a better, much faster to produce design. Take a look at the new pictures that I posted.


Really like this one, especially with the LED light base!