Guitar Picks SVG. File

Here is a file for guitar picks I make for business advertising. In the .svg file you will find two templates for cutting guitar picks out of old credit cards/gift cards/hotel room keys etc. I use these as fun but effective advertisement for my business. Please feel free to use the file to make your own. I you want, keep my logo on the picks you make, I’d love the advertisement. Let me see some of your picks when you’re done. Thanks from Oak Creek Guitars.

:warning: :warning: My shop is equipped with a fume extractor with a pre filter. It’s always prudent to know what you’re cutting in your Glowforge. Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC emits very dangerous fumes when cut with a laser. Do not cut PVC if you are not equipped with a fume extractor that is rated for PVC and solvents. Also PVC can ignite causing a fire. Cut at your own risk.

Guitar Picks (23.3 KB)


Many thanks for the share. :star_struck:

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You’re welcome! Enjoy.

Thank you.

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Looks nice. Did you do some research on the blanks? I have one of the guitar pick presses that cuts them out. Looks like a stapler. Works great.

wouldn’t use my laser unless I had different plastic, like an acrylic.


Thanks. I have gone through a few pick punches too. This way I get my logo as well. I know all about what PVC does when cut. I have a Fumex extractor with a pre filter.

Glad you are outfitted for preventing damage to your laser and to your health. Might be good to post an FYI about that in the OP since there are quite a few folks new to lasers who wouldn’t be thinking of these things.

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Thank you. A warning has been added.


It also corrodes the internals of your machine before it has a chance to get to the filter.


Thank you!

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Thank you so much.

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Wood veneer might make a safer material to cut.

I made some picks for the Christmas holiday out of layered wood veneers. I don’t think my dad has used them yet to give me feedback on their durability, but I treated them like plywood — alternating the orientation of the grain. The outside layers are perpendicular to the point of the pick, while the inside is parallel.

Used contact cement to assemble, then sanded after cutting to smooth and taper. Differing wood species provide varying flex and likely durability.


The different woods that you chose are really stunning. :blush:

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Wow, those are great. I’ve made some that are similar. I glued two pieces together with the grain in opposite directions, works well. Thanks for sharing.

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Gentle reminder that asking for designs is against forum guidelines.

If someone shares a print that they’ve made, please respect their sharing and do not ask for the source design or artwork. Designs take work and have value, and when you ask someone to give you that value for free, you undermine their work.


Thanks for the file.

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I am very NEW with this. So I have to ask "What settings did you use to cut the cards?

Not the OP, but I bought some pick plastic sheets and use 250 speed / 100 power to cut them and 1000/30 to engrave.

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Thank You so very much!!