Gumball Machine

I wanted to make a gumball machine, so I made one on the weekend:

You turn the big gear and gumballs come out of the hole at the bottom. It’s made of 1/4" mdf sealed with beeswax to make it food-safe. The top is 1/4 acrylic.

I did make videos capturing the design phase. I’ll post them to my youTube channel once I have them edited.

As always, you can see more of my stuff on my blog at:


Looks great!! I cannot wait until I get my Glowforge so I can have that exact same mentality- I wanted to make one, so I made it!

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Love it. I’ve played with this wall mount design gumball machine in Sketchup so I can make one that will fit into a basic Glowforge. One of the first projects I’m going to try.


That looks like so much fun!

I saw that wall-mounted one too. It’s another design I considered. But I wanted something freestanding for the moment.

The only problem with this project is that now, my kids keep asking me “Can I have a gumball?” Be ready to hear that if you have kids around you.


@polarbrainfreeze That is awesome. Great work. Looking forward to having the ability to make something out of the blue like that.

Yes I know the gumball problem. My daughter and I made gumball kits for her school craft fair for a couple of years. We sold them as kits, ready to be assembled and painted. She paid for the material, and did as much cutting and drilling as was safe and she netted out a couple of hundred dollars both times. It gave her spending money for quite a while. While I purchased the Glowforge for personal use I expect we’ll do some more craft fair projects… for spending money… :smile:

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