Had someone build the glowforge table/cabinet/drawers of my dreams



Thought I’d share some images in case anyone else is looking for inspiration. Before working on this with a furniture maker, I did loads of research into rolling mechanics tool drawers, metal flat files, etc. Ultimately realized what I wanted (functional, attractive) just wasn’t out there.

The table is an old butcher block for which a friend welded some steel legs.

The cabinet is custom designed. Simple, inexpensive woods with nice heavy duty file cabinet hardware so that the drawers can support lots of weight. Three slots for storing upright sheets of wood.




Gorgeous. What’s the baby brother next to your Glowforge?


It’s beautiful!


Fantastic! What a functional stand!


It’s the Glowforge table of everybody’s dreams!




MiniForge™️ beta, weren’t you invited? :wink:


That is absolutely beautiful!!


I want one. I assume I don’t want to pay for one though.


That is a fantastic design. I especially like the pulls on the drawers. You did a beautiful job. :grin:


Cabinet envy, here. Gorgeous!


Oh, that’s my Canon printer. I do a lot of paper printing + cutting. The cabinet is also for storing all my (paper/ink) printing supplies.


That is just exceptional. Beautiful, Functional, and a solid base for your :glowforge:. I’m impressed.


OH That is gorgeous


You might as well order another now, you’re going to want it :slight_smile:

Materials tend to multiply when you aren’t looking.


Very nice Looking. I hadn’t thought about drawers for mine. I have plans to make one. I was going to use the leg supports that kept from a computer desk I built 16 years ago, that was scrapped when we moved to our new house. The problem is that they won’t allow for drawers. So I think I will get out the SAWZALL, and scrap those down and fire up my welder and make something completely different. I even have heavy duty drawer slides that were supposed to be in our pantry at the old house.


Looks fantastic!



Do you have a filter not shown? or how do you use it in the enclosed space? (it’s BEAUTIFUL!)