Had to cancel :(


Today wasent the best day, over the past two years each night i would sign onto the forums and check what everyone was doing and making. Seeing people make incredible things with a unbelievable machine. I wanted this badly, i spoke at a design conference in ottawa how new technologies like glowforge would shape how creators design and prototype, it was a major success . I told my friends, showed colleges and professors how excited i was for this. After the update came on the tube replacement I had a suspicion I would have to cancel. Today was that day, i need the money to pay for university and an engagement ring for the love of my life. I cant put these things on hold any longer and i cant take the risk/cost/hassle of shipping it every 2-3 years. To Dan & the team at glowforge, thank you for your constant efforts, and to the rest of the users hang in there i know you wont be disappointed.


Best of luck to you with school and your engagement.


Sounds like you made a very smart choice. Best of luck.


Yeah, getting engaged is it’s own adventure. Right decision. Best of luck to you. :wink:


Congratulations on the engagement, and best of luck in the new career!


Congrats on the engagement! Not an effort to sway you but you did read that they acquiesced on the having to send back for tube replacement, right?


I would have made the same decision. I’m so sorry we couldn’t have you as a customer right now - I hope you and your bride have a wonderful wedding, and we can earn your business in the future. Thank you for sticking with us as long as you did.


Oh, what a bittersweet post! So sorry that you had to make this choice, but for whatever it’s worth, those are very good reasons! Congrats on your engagement and best wishes with school. Hope you are able to circle back on the GF idea down the road.


Best of luck to you and your future Wife! Congratulations!
The education is paramount man, laying a solid foundation will serve you and your family well - and may present a future opportunity and the disposable income for you to indulge your creativity.


Those do not come around very often. Take the money and be glad you have found her. :gift_heart::revolving_hearts:


Ah!! Just send them a Glowforge as a wedding gift.


I’ll sorry you can’t get a glowforge. That’s so dissappointing after such a long wait and all the preamble excitement. But… You’re getting a wife instead! That’s a pretty amazing consolation prize!

Maybe don’t call her a consolation prize. She probably won’t love that.


You’re making the right choice. I’d trade any and all of my tech toys and more for my awesome wife. This community will be here waiting for you when life stuff allows you to return.
Best of luck and congratulations!


Congrats on the engagement and here’s hoping you’ll be able to rejoin Team Laser in the future:

Fair warning: if the forums find out when and where your wedding is, you might be swamped with a bunch of laser-made gifts from strangers.


Imagine having a gf delivered to the wedding!
I’d love to see the video. :squee::love:


Thank you all for the unbelievable support, originally i invested in the glowforge to help in school for product design, but also to help build my girlfriends business as a wedding photographer. Personalized objets, wedding invitations or place holders was the plan. I knew it could also be much more. As i trust the people here and want to support the founders my email is rylan.33.manning@gmail.com. If anyone planned to do this or has the skills i would love to keep a conversation open and do some business with anyone who can offer glowforge made wedding material. Thank you again for your words of kindness and support.

(the wedding date will be at least a year away, as im buying the ring likely in the next few days, and hopefully a yes will shortly follow)


We’re sorry to see you leave us but so happy for you and your future fiance/wife! Wishing you a Happily Ever After!

I didn’t say yes to Captain Awesome when he proposed… I said “ok” bahahaha :laughing:


i basically just went, “so i guess we should get married?”