Haimer Vs. Tschorn | 3D Probes - CNC Machining

Since this crowd seems to be adept with multiple hobbies or professions- I have a general question (CNC related). I’ve been using a digitizing probe to set my XYZ offsets. Recently I went to another shop and watched a machinist load up a Haimer and did the offset in < 2mins. Then removed the probe. Verse my current method of going to my M30, load the probe. Then connect it. Then do my offsets. Due to where the connector of the probe, this task take a while each time I do it. It’s a real PITA.

And even if I were to relocate the connector, the software aspect takes time. Especially for production ops where I have dual vises with three different offsets and require duplexing (G55, G56 & G93.4 for the ETS). Using an analog probe and touching off would be a single button press. So this is the route I’d like to go.

So my question is- Between the two (Haimer or the Tschorn) what do people suggest? If you use an analog 3d probe which one do you use? I like the fact that the gauge is larger on the Haimer. But I like the slimness of the Tschorn. But otherwise I am unsure which to get.


I used to love my Haimer, though it didn’t last long when I started using it in a machine with lots of flood coolant. Although I seem to remember that it says “coolant proof” right on it, mine wasn’t.

After coolant got in it and gummed it up, I took it apart and found out that it’s basically a glorified dial indicator inside. The stylus is attached by a clever conical joint thing that depresses the indicator plunger no matter which way the stylus is tilted. This makes me think the price Haimer charges is too high, so if I was buying a taster today I would probably take a hard look at the cheapest one I could find. Does Shars make one?

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