Half Marathon Medal Holder (Bonus LED sign)

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This is a gently reminder that it is against forum rules to ask for files.


I understand but sometimes people forget to post and/or a friendly nudge to post/sell the designs. I get it though and thanks for the reminder :heart:

Does anyone know what font this is? It looks amazing and I would like to use a similar style on a project I’m working on.

The closest match on WhatTheFont is Rockabye Regular by Silverdav for $18, but none have the flourish and cross-over like the one shown - that was likely hand-drawn/edited.


Time to summon the great @raymondking32


:smile: and here I am to answer, thanks for the tag @Aloha!

Took me a little while to track down which font I used - I thought I had used my desktop to design the file, but apparently it was my laptop, and that was where the font was located. Anyway, surprisingly, the font is Rockabye, but a different version of it. I get most of my fonts for personal use from dafont.com, which is where I had picked up this particular one. Here you go: Rockabye Font | dafont.com

Want to make it clear that it’s a personal use font, so if you intend to mass produce something with this font on it, to contact the owner and arrange a proper license, but otherwise, I’m always glad to be of assistance where I can :+1:t4:


WhatTheFont comes thru again… :rofl:

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