Half scale fun

First of all I’d like to thank @lizabeta again for introducing me to Canson watercolor art board. I’ve been having so much fun with this stuff! It doesn’t warp when you paint it with watercolors, engraves beautifully and cuts like butter. The thickness is pretty close to 1/16” so I thought I’d have some fun with making items originally designed for 1/8” in half scale size. What I did was load a couple catalog designs, lined them up against the ruler in the GFUI, and scaled them down to approximately half size (numerical scaling would have helped here) and cut them. They came out pretty cute (Dr. Pepper can for scale).

Painted them up with watercolors and there you go!


Is this like matboard?

Very similar to matboard in dimension, but it accepts water based paint really well which I’m not sure matboard would do.


That little paint brush stand is adorbs! :grinning:


Wow…I like this idea and the way you went about it, scaling-wise. At first glance, I thought those two catalog boxes were a miniature washer and dryer set! Silly! I really enjoyed hearing how much fun you’re having…I can live vicariously!


It is great the way you downsized the pieces. Can you tell us what board you used exactly. I looked and there were various types.


Here is the stuff I used: Plein Air Art Board Pad, watercolor 9"X12"" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G2IIYC4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_9AKRAbAN6577M


Thank you for quick reply.

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What fun little projects!! Love the paint work!

Oh, fun! I ordered some of the art boards after seeing @lizabeta’s post. This would be fun to try!

Those do look cute and… now I have to look up UK suppliers of Canson watercolour art board…




This is great. I’ve been considering some architectural models and just ordered some 1/16” BB. This will make for a good mock-up, or some good contrast.