Halloween costume assisted by laser


The Glowforge helped with my Bioshock Splicer costume this year. I made the hooks in about 2 hours beginning to end.


Spooky! The hooks turned out wonderfully.


Nice! and the mask too :smiley:


kill it with fire! or ice! or bees!


Thanks! :slight_smile: I can’t take credit for the mask, it was by Tormented Artifacts and my dress is Miss Haley’s Bombshell Boutique.. Small business I love. :slight_smile:


That boutique looks great but there is no address or web site listed. Is it online only? Facebook only?


For now, yes, that is their main web presence.


Got it, thx.


I just love, Love, LOVE your costume. It’s fantastic!!

As my friend says, “Costume? Naw, that’s everyday wear.”


Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m a prop maker by trade and love making my own stuff. :slight_smile: