Halloween Designs -

Hello all,
I am brand new here - my machine arrives tomorrow.
I have been doing design forever so the design of sag files will be super easy for me - the problem for me will be the 3D layered stuff but I will get there eventually…
I wanted to see if there were any more Halloween 3D designs that anyone would be willing to share the files as i am a halloween FREAK and will be making plenty of decorations for my office etc…
I will be most happy to return the favor with 2D cut designs etc… I will be posting in the next week or two as I get my machine rolling!
Thanks all!!!


Hi @jfruhling, welcome to the forum! You are going to have lots of fun with your Halloween projects—it’s been a popular theme in the past as you will see if you do a forum search on “Halloween.” When I did that, I found a really good one (below).

Also, I moved your request to Everything Else, as Free Laser Designs is intended for people to post their own original designs for sharing.


Thank you !!!

Oh wow you’re going to have so much fun.

There are a few posts out here that might help with getting started — you sound like you’ve got the svg side down but there are a lot of laser specific gems in here:

Then there is this post talking about materials, tools, and extras that are good to have:

You’re going to love it :slight_smile:


Ah! Welcome to the group, yeah, you’re going to love it, it really opens up your creativity. :slightly_smiling_face:


I really appreciate it - i have been searching the forums to get as much info earmarked as i can - I will def use this
thank you!!!

The most fun thing is now you’ll never walk through a consignment store, antique store or anything similar without seeing SOO many things that BEG to be lasered!


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