Halloween Inspired Earrings

So I went on a jewelry kick and became obsessed.

Only got one of these done so far, but it pairs well with other spooky earrings.

Gotta have some spiderwebs. I accidentally set the first svg too close to the edge of my acrylic so you can see how close to messing up the ring for the earring I came.

I love the IT series and made these to wear to the theater as I watched Part 2. I think for the next set I’ll avoid the glitter red and switch to a more basic red so that the “I heart Derry” will pop more.

I posted the first of this set, but I wanted to post a nicer picture of the final earrings. I’ve already made a few more of these for friends who wanted some.


The balloon is absolutely perfect with the little chain. And the boat makes me smile. I know these are intended to go with IT, but I love them just as random objects without the connection. My uncle taught me how to make origami boats when I was small and they always make me think of him (he passes away a few years ago).


I like the little Ouija planchettes! :sunglasses::+1:


Nice job on those! The laser makes such delicate cuts possible in acrylic—I love the effect.


Me too! I went a bit too small on my first bottle and the circle hoop essentially disintegrated. Learning!


Nicely done! I love the spooky earrings!


Looks like you’re having immense fun! Quite the variety!

Coffin’s cool! :smile: