Halloween (Jason) Machete and Sheath

Figured I would share these files…never too early to start getting ready for next Halloween.
Machete is about 18.25" long.
Handles cut from 1/4" oak project hobby board from Home Depot (settings Thick Walnut Plywood - 2 passes to make sure it cut through).
Blade is 1/8" grey acrylic from Houston Acrylics. I did 2 passes on blade edge engraving to get texture a little deeper. Wiped black paint into texture to highlight (before removing masking).
Put handle and blade together with small wooden dowels.
Sheath cut from medium proofgrade leather and hand stitched.


Adding zip file to solve engraving issue…
MACHETE.zip (646.9 KB)


Thank you!

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Not sure why the engraving area isn’t showing up in the uploaded file. It’s in the original file, but disappears when uploaded.

This forum software strips bit maps out of svgs.
Zipping the file usually solves that.


Let’s see if this keeps engraving…

MACHETE.zip (646.9 KB)

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Thank you :blush:

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Very realistic! Thanks for the file.

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This is amazeballs and I have the perfect friend to make this for! He’s going to flip out. Thank you so much!


Wow, these are amazing! Thanks for the share!!

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Wow! Looks great. Thank you!

Wow, Thank you for sharing this. fake Machetes are not just for halloween anymore. :slight_smile:

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