Halloween Oracle Card box

As a lot of people do, I get into the Halloween spirit around November 2nd of the previous year (give me a break, I need ONE day off!)

I have a lot of Tarot decks, but I also have a few other “oracle decks” which are the sorts of cards that usually use a completely unique and often simplified system of symbology and interpretation.

This Halloween Oracle deck has great artwork and a nice range of cards for many scenarios and moods.

I’m still actively getting my bearings when it comes to designing for specific GF functionality in mind (like: How complex is TOO COMPLEX for the score function? How small can I go with high contrast engraving before it’s just pointless?)

This box was a good example and lessons learned.

The bottom of the box was 1/8" birch from Michaels, and yes, I can see where that money goes when working with Proofgrade, as is the top of the box, which was amazingly easier to assemble without any ply splitting or splintering. Seriously, I need to get more Proofgrade.

I manually set the engraving to map grays to power to get some contours on the letters. However, after reducing the letter art on the top of the box, you can even tell it’s a 3D engrave on the edges, would have had better results with the auto Proofgrade engrave settings.

All other art were vector strokes set to score.


That is spooky good!

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Such cute designs! Thanks for sharing.

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This turned out awesome!

Who else takes November 1st off to recover and snap up the Halloween deco clearances?

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LOL - as a mask maker, I take November 1st - 3rd off to scrub off all the paint and glitter, try to put my studio back together, and recover from 3.5 months of H’ween madness. If I’m really lucky, I even get a day or two break before the winter holiday madness kicks in :wink:


Spooky! Be sure to share the rest of your Glowforge-made Halloween crafts. I’d love to see what else you have up your sleeve.

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Very nice! Love the box decor. :grinning:

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I’ll be participating in a #Drawlloween this month, so I’m sure some of these will end up under the laser!