HALLOWEEN POST: Glowforge costume alert!


From Facebook (+ one bonus pic!) - the incredible @shell does it again:

Forget the eye of newt and toe of frog. The secret ingredient to this year’s costume contest winner is - without a doubt - laser beams.

If you’re after an “I can’t believe you made that”-caliber costume, lasers and Halloween go together like trick or treating and candy. Shell, who’s a project designer at Glowforge, put her laser-chops to the test to craft this scary good Dr. Jillian Holtzmann getup from the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot.
An artsy-type who’s occasionally envious of her laser engineer coworkers, Shell built a costume with laser-made details that would fool even the brainiest scientist.

Her ghost-busting goggles are adorned with custom-made acrylic lenses for extra spectre detection. The Holtzmann name tag was engraved on piece of leather, and the necklace was cut from mirrored acrylic. Topping off the hair-raising ensemble, the iconic Ghostbusters logo was cut and engraved from leather and finished with acrylic paint and leather dye.


Fantastic job! (The devil is in the details…and those just rock!) :smiley:


This is so much fun and so inspiring! Thank you!




I would love to get a closeup look at those things, especially the necklace!


Nice, especially because the result is Really Cool Costume, not Really Laser-Cut Costume.


Yes! that’s pretty cool


HA! My daughter (20 months old) was also Holtzmann for Halloween. If only I had a laser to do these finishing pieces… :wink: I’ll post a few pictures once I get them uploaded.


Thank you for keeping those of us who don’t Facebook up to speed!
Awesome work @Shell!


sooo good!


Kind of fuzzy, but here is my daughter’s outfit. I got the picture for the moment or two she actually stood still.


What a cutie! :smiley:


The binky makes it. Cute little thing!