Halloween Shadowbox

To continue with my Halloween themed GF creations, here’s a shadowbox I finished today. The idea was inspired by a similar shadowbox being sold on Etsy for $200. This one cost me maybe $5 to make, took a couple of hours, and was a whole lot of fun. My only regret is not doing the zombie layer a more visible color. I’m not great at making frames so I decided to make little spider webs to cover the corners of my frame, now you can’t tell that they’re not perfect :slightly_smiling_face:


Gorgeous. I love the spderweb corner idea.


Yeah, I like the corner accents too…they look like a deliberate design choice. :smile:


Honestly the spiderwebs make this super cute and the fact that they serve to hide an imperfection makes me so happy because no one would ever know that! The whole thing came out awesome and now I feel like were all sharing in the Secret of the Spiders Corner Webs!


Great job!

Makes me think about one of my design classes back in the day… the assignment was on using gradient meshes. I had done one of a Ferrari, and made a poster of it, because I like doing doing things that put me through hell, apparently. It turned out amazing (to the point where the instructor said, “the point of this was to use gradient meshes, not just drop in an image” - so I popped up the outline view showing all of the meshes ha).

That showed another part of the design I just couldn’t nail though - one of the tires - that was hidden by some other design element. He asked what was behind the element and it was this horrible looking, vibrate your teeth lose, chunk of melted rubber, tire… he said something along the lines of, “that is perfect. If you can’t nail it, just hide it.” So, I’ve stuck with that…


Yes, amazing how many “design opportunities” are implemented to address what we think is imperfect (yet most others would hardly notice). But the spiderwebs add something special to your design vs. if the corners were perfect joints & left plain. Love it!


Wow, amazing! I had to search closely to find the zombies, but that subtlety makes it extra cool.


You did an amazing job! This is awesome … May have to come up with something similar this week.

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Another great piece! You’re going to make us wish it was Halloween all year long.

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