Hand bound book

I recently got to work on a cool birthday present for a friend that is turning 50. We wanted to make a keepsake book filled with pictures and notes from his friends.

It was a really fun project to work on since it involved a bunch of techniques i haven’t tried yet. Including a hand bound wood cover, cut card stock and wood block prints. All made with the Glowforge.

Here are just a few photos of the project.


This is so good. Truly mind blowing


Oh how special! Beautiful job! :slightly_smiling_face:


What a unique gift. The book’s aesthetic is quite appealing - I bet you made your friend’s big day!


All super cool but especially the tree rings!


Beautiful! Nicely done!

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Amazing Work! I really love the dark wood color! Simply Beautiful!

Every aspect of this is outstanding! I guess friends of graphic artists can pretty much expect amazing design, but you and your friends really stepped it up! Did you use a letterpress machine for the printing?

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Beautifully executed. Did you have a good reference for how to bookbind? Really love the result.

That is awesome. Reminds me of the kiva book at the addys last year. Nice!

What a fantastic gift! Love what all you’ve done with it.

I didn’t do the stitching on this one, but i am planning on making a similar styled sketchbook later this week.

Here is the video that he gave me as a reference.

I’ll let you know how easy it was to do once i make it.


We just did them by hand, but we are planning on giving the plates to a local letterpress shop to se how well they would work on a real press.

Wow. That is fantastic!

What a wonderful gift. I love the variety of ways you used the Glowforge! This is something your friend will treasure forever.

You certainly got my creative juices going. I’ve done a fair amount of block printing but I never thought about laser cutting a block! DUH! I even took a picture of a card I made, thinking I could laser cut the design into another material. So thank you for opening my eyes to a new realm of possibilities! I am expecting to receive my GF in March and will contribute when I have something to show.