Hand display for arm warmers

There’s a craft fair this Saturday, and I was asked to send a photo to the organizer. I need both hands to photo with my iPad (and my hands are so skinny I could rent them out for Halloween), so I scanned my hand. In Illustrator I drew the outline of the pieces and them cut them from draftboard.

Hmmmm, mistake: my thumb sticks out almost 90 degrees from my palm, so I drew it in a bit to be more like other people. Even so, it was a challenge to get the warmers onto the cutout past the thumb. I had to go from bottom up. So, if you do one of your own, draw your thumb closer to the side of your hand; of course, leave enough room for the glove/whatever to go over it.

With a little tweaking, I could make my own ring display. I’m going to make a hat next. No, I’m not going to scan my head, I’ll just get my measuring tape out.


Nicely done!!


Nothing like the last minute for inspiration!


Those last minute things many times are the best!!



When you do the head, make sure to show ears so people know it’s a head :stuck_out_tongue:

On a related, but not :glowforge: note - do you ever knit those not out of wool? I adore fingerless gloves, but I’m allergic to wool (well, whatever they do to take it from fleece to yarn). If you ever do acrylic, or cotton, LMK so I can monitor your shop!


That’s really clever! Awesome gloves too!


Isnt this normal? It’s how I taught my kids left from right, from the giant capital “L” formed by my thumb and forefinger. I supposed it’s not my natural resting position since though, though it’s close…


I don’t do acrylic, but I do knit with cotton. I’m in PNW for a winter sale, so wool it is, this season. However, I’m planning on using one of my other knitting machines (finer gauge) to make cotton “lace” armsters. Those won’t be for warmth, but for looks.

I’ll keep you in mind when I start, maybe you can do some fitting suggestions for me?


I made a glove drying rack for my friend based on a trace of her hand, and the thumb was a problem. We discussed making the connection between thumb and hand in a puzzle piece sort of way next time. The thumb did eventually break off of the original and I think she said she is using a binder clip to hold the pieces together while drying.


Thanks, that was the next thing I was going to try. I think I’ll move the thumb (in Ilustrator), rotate it about 30 degrees toward the fingers. there will still be enough open space to get the thumb through, but not such a distance to stretch around the tip.


Cool display idea. I love it!


If you curve the top digit of the thumb in, it gives that definable thumb look, but makes it not much wider than the hand.
very rough drawing!