Hand-Drawn Goodness


Even before my Glowforge arrived, my 7 year old boy knew the first project he wanted to do on the laser, once I explained everything it was capable of.

His 2nd grade teacher loves hedgehogs and he wanted to draw her one. Well, I think he did a great job!

Then, 5 year old daughter got the idea to draw a flower for her teacher. She chose a variation of a daisy that we saw online as a reference, and drew it on a piece of paper. Then, I traced it and cut it out of proofgrade medium draftboard:

I should have told her to make the stem a little thicker, as it is quite thin. But I love how it turned out! I’m amazed at how fast you can go from an idea to drawing to actual item!


Seven and five? I can see careers as artists ahead for those two! :grinning:
(And hey…hedgie.) :smile:


Yeah, they really are good at art and ask to draw and color all of the time. And I thought you might like the hedgie!


It really is awesome! Never has it been easier to make an idea manifest. :sunglasses:


Anything done with children is such a fun time. I’m sure they were thrilled with the outcome!


Well done, artwork, execution, idea, involvement, everything!


Thanks so much! I really want to involved them when possible. The funny thing is they both like watching the timer on the print count down about as much as the actual laser.


Awwwwww, those are adorable! Make’em into fridge magnets!


They’re both wonderful, but I especially love the grin on that daisy! :slight_smile:


I love that too! My daughter was upset because she said it looked too much like a boy. ha ha


The teachers name wouldn’t happen to be Ms. Hedgeh, would it?


ha ha…no, but that would have been perfect!