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HELP!!! I have a gift I’m working on for my grandfather it’s a hand written note from his daughters and grandkids…I converted the images to svg. I pulled them into the glowforge app and resized. When I hit the button to print it’s telling me filled areas are not closed…long story short it doesn’t recognize the inside of each letter. I tried adding a boarder and it doesn’t add an edge to the inside…what do I do here. I need to get this project done ASAP.

What graphics program did you use to create your file on?

I free site :grimacing:

If you just dragged the image into the GFUI and used the new offset toy or a square to surround it, it will engrave the handwriting and the square or outline will cut it out.

This is what I was attempting to do but for some reason it’s giving me an error that “filled items are not closed” it thinks the inside of each letter is missing fill and if I engrave it as is it will engrave the inside of the e’s, b’s and so forth. I’m not sure how to fix my file so that it does the engraving correctly

Means it is looking at a vector, If you are using a png that won’t happen. The PNG has no vectors but you are providing those in the GFUI itself

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Do you recommend any free editing sites like Inkscape

Inkscape is an entire design program for vectors and with Gimp for raster files make a complete design set from beginner to advanced,

You will still need to learn from the many sources how to use it but that is the only expense.

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If you posted it here, there might be a race to help get you the file that you need. It really depends on your timeframe.


Since you’re engraving you don’t have to vecorize/convert to SVG if your image is fairly clean. Just upload it as a JPG or PNG. there’s no danger of open paths with either of those formats.

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This is what happens when I drop it in as PNG

You need to adjust the contrast so they are black and white, not grey as shown.

For example:


If you haven’t been able to adjust the contrast so that the background is pure white, I’ll be glad to do that for you if you need the files right away. If you want to give it a try yourself, look for the adjustment that allows you to brighten/lighten the midtones. (There’s other ways to do it, but that might be the easiest to try first. )

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pawpaw.svg.zip (33.5 KB)

making promises, then going to work… :slight_smile:

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