Handheld viewer for eclipse


Found a reference here for 3d printable viewers.

Decided to make my own design…for Oklahoma. Not cool enough to travel out of town for 100%…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: So we will see around 87%
I can street vend so I’m making several to sell at local events here on Monday.

The red one is sign plastic (nametag material like LaserMax from Rowmark.
The other 2 are mdf painted with white then using the old print on label paper with an inkjet technique, added color…lol

Design printed on label paper

After applied to white painted mdf


Very clever. I like the % of totality you scored in it too so people would know based on where they are.


Sweet! Those are great keepsakes. :squee::squee::squee:

I made a stack of pinhole viewers for my wife’s workplace by cutting a 2mm circle in the middle of cardstock sheets left over from a prior project. The GF cut through a dozen or so sheets in 3 seconds flat.


That’s what I figured so I put a loop hole on the top that either you can wear them around your neck while you’re waiting to watch the eclipse and then you could use it as a Christmas ornament LOL


How clever! Never occurred to me to make eclipse keepsakes, and we are in 100% totality here.


Great design as always! :grinning:


Very nice!


Nicely done. As @jamesdhatch said, scoring the percentages in was a nice touch. These would make cool necklaces after you’re done using them. :wink:


The two bottom photos could be viewers for Colorado. :sunglasses:
State-themed objects are tough in a rectangular state. :thinking:


Texas could wind up being a whole face mask. :smile:


“5mm hole from 3 feet” (heads off to fire up the Dropforge)


many of my friends and family are driving North this weekend. Somebody just called to ask for my trailer, somebody else wants my cooler.
I’m - alas - sitting here.
At least I get a pinhole camera made on my glowforge.
I’ll probably make a Utah version and share among my dwindling circle of lame friends that will stay put.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful design. Keepsaking is really a great idea.