Handwritten Note turned into 3d wood cut out sign

Ok so not sure if this is more of an inkscape question or glowforge but I thought I would start here! My friend gave me a note that her son made and asked if I could create a sign with it. My hope was to take the words and be able to cut them out of mdf.

The thing is the handwriting is done in pen so when I create the cut-file in inkscape it is pretty thin and doesn’t look like it will make thick enough letters to actually be able to use. Is there a way to thicken the cut lines?

Any advice or help or even a “this is not possible to solve” would be great!



Experiment with stroke thickness. Once you get to how you like it, do “stoke to path”. Then select all and do path->union.


Of course something like this might be a better candidate to be engraved.


I only use Corel and in my program it’s called “contour” when you want to make and enlarged outline of something. You might want to search to see what the same operation in Inkscape is called. That being said, I don’t think even that would work well as they words look pretty fragile in places and thickening the letters will probably really distort them words. I would consider maybe engraving it instead.

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