Handy Dandy Trick - at least for me

I keep an svg file of a straight line. Occasionally when I have mis-measured, done calculations wrong, etc - I just need just a cat hair taken off something. Ok ok, sometimes it is a bit more than a cat hair. Anyway, I just load my handy dandy line, resize it, move it to where I want it, and make the quick cut.

I have not seen anyone else mention this - if they have my apologies for re-stating your idea. This simple trick has saved me a bunch of times when I was too lazy to re-do a project but just needed a nudge to get one out of my MewPew.


Yup! I do this as well. And it works for cutting larger pieces into smaller pieces when I don’t feel like going to the garage and clearing a space to use the saw.


I thought of doing this but didn’t have any confidence on where the actual line would cut. Even when i put the material right under the camera i an be a half inch off easily. How are you aligning your cut line?

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Don’t limit yourself to a line :slight_smile:


Usually I have taken my project out, realized I have screwed up, mark it with a scribe, put it back and lined the mark up on the scribe. It usually works .

That’s out of spec. You should report it to Support. Current standard is within a 1/4" at the extremes. Directly under the camera you should be spot on.

Assuming you’re entering the material height correctly.


I do the same. I use the simple shapes to trim objects or otherwise fix things. I also use it to trim off spent pieces of long boards that I’m feeding into the pass through.

One time, I resized a design that had a sized slot. It wasn’t parametric since I sized in GFUI, so I added the proper slot as a new SVG to recut that area. Worked superbly.

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I do it too.

Just wanted to say I like your laser’s name!


very handy for cutting down Inventables stock to GF bed size :wink:



This is MeNow. When she wants attention, it is all about “me…now!” :slight_smile:

I almost lost her to cancer summer of 2016. I stayed with her 24/7 for weeks and refused to let her die on me. Now she is a fat fluff ball :heart:


She’s gorgeous. (Good job saving her.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awwwww, she’s worth it. We’ve been through similar things with ours; I’m so glad you licked the cancer!

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It really depends n the material thickness that is set when you’re aligning and how close to the camera you’re piece is positioned…


One of the annoying things (only because I got bit yesterday :slight_smile: ) is that if you draw on a 1/4 inch thick piece, scan and cut thinking you’ll be “right there” it can easily be off a larger distance than the 1/4 advertised. As you see below, the cut is a full 1/2 inch off the drawn line.

I also forgot I’d get he double cut line if the scan had any breaks in it… sigh. The cost of doing something too quick to save time.

It would be nice for the trace tool to allow material input or actually calculate the material height when scanning. I can’t remember if that is in the hopper or not.

I have a (growing) folder of random bits of SVG.

Circles in various sizes, Squares and Rectangles. A horizontal line, a vertical line, etc…

Now it is growing various shapes with rounded corners.

Very very useful when grabbing a kid’s illustration and tossing it in to scan. Then grab the geometric shape that is as close to the outline as desired, and cut it out!


I gotta think adding primitive shapes is in the hopper, the cricut interface lets you add them, it’s really nice.

Time will tell…

Yeah, I do this mostly with @dwardio 's shape kit but if needed I’ll make my own.

A piece of cake if you have kerf sized registration. Bit more of a challenge if your unit is one of the ones with issues.

For those having registration that is more than 1/4" off with :proofgrade: you need to contact support, if you have less but not perfect, these forums are chock full of ways to compensate.

I’ve been using a set that @marmak3261 put together quite some time ago. Handy things to have.

That is one beautiful cat!

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