Handy Saws

I like to use old wood a lot and will harvest it from just about any source available ; pallets, barns, vegetable crates… you name it if its weathered and available, I want it. These two saws I use daily. The Skil saw is portable, very accurate and makes clean cuts in 3/4" boards up to 15" wide. I buy full sheets of plywood and have the store roughcut to 12"X48" (less than $1.00 for the cut). Then I can cut it to the size I need at home and cut around blemishes.

The other saw is a Ryobi oscillating tool. This is one of the handiest tools to own. Equipped with a carbide blade, you can quickly and cleanly harvest any board by cutting the nails or screws.



I keep an 80t trim blade on my cordless Ryobi circular saw, and throw it in the car when I go buy material from the big-box stores. I cut sheets on the cart in the parking lot.


These are interesting choices.

I have the Vibsaw in DeWalt and it is something I use once in a great while but when I do it beats anything else I have.

As to the floor, cutting saw, I think you will be disappointed in its lack of versatility as you branch out. But then again, if you don’t branch out it may serve you very well.

Shame we don’t live closer together, we’d get along great and terrorize the toy stores (Lowes, Home Depot, Grizzly Tools, Harbor Freight…)

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I bought it when I was reflooring our living room, so I already had it. Ive got a table saw and band saw but rarely use them.

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I have a portable table saw and some rolling material supports, but no really stable infeed/outfeed tables, so when I’m dealing with large material that is too awkward for me to safely run through the table saw, I law the material on the floor, on top of some 2x4s, and use this circular Skilsaw with a Kreg Rip-Cut. Works a treat!


I use one of those a lot, if you want a square hole it is hard to beat. Also tongue and groove, and handy in reducing the volume of scrap to mostly material instead of mostly hole.

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