Hanging or Freestanding Snowflake Ornament

You’re going to want to download either Chrome or Firefox - neither IE nor Edge will allow you to get .svgs from the forum


Thank You

This is beautiful and I can’t get the SVG to download.
Usually I can just click on it.
Thoughts on how I can get this one to open?

Right click on the first image, and choose “Save Image As”

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I saved the design as an SVG and uploaded the design, but can only get the one to cut not the other part of it. Can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. Anyone have any advice?

Most likely, that part of the design is outside of the “printable” area. You need to move it.

I did move it around, and its in the cutting area but I still can’t get it to cut. Thanks


Hi, Eflyguy, I did that and when I tried to print it I got the “can only engrave bitmap files even though I saved it as a png.”
My lack of knowledge is showing again.

Thank you for sharing. It is amazing!
I didn’t have any draft board so I used a scrap piece of Home Dept 3/16" sanded plywood but it didn’t fit so I had to dremil the slots.
How do you adjust the slots if you are using a different size thickness material?

Either scale the entire design or replace the slots.

To scale the entire design, use a ratio. For example, the design was for 1/16" material and I want to use it on 1/4" material. So I want to scale the design bigger, and the ratio is NEW/OLD or (1/4)/(1/16). That works out to 4.0, or 4 times bigger.

A PNG is a bitmap :slightly_smiling_face:, you want to save as an SVG. If your not getting that option you’re likely using Edge. Chrome, Firefox or Safari will let you save as SVG.


Awesome, Thank you!

im late to the party but is this design still available for downloading

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Welcome to the community. Just right click on the image and ‘save as’. It will save as an SVG.

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Thank you so much such a great file


Much better in acrylic

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Yes! Thank you!

Oooh that’s cool, thank you!