Hanging or Freestanding Snowflake Ornament

You’re going to want to download either Chrome or Firefox - neither IE nor Edge will allow you to get .svgs from the forum


Thank You

This is beautiful and I can’t get the SVG to download.
Usually I can just click on it.
Thoughts on how I can get this one to open?

Right click on the first image, and choose “Save Image As”

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I saved the design as an SVG and uploaded the design, but can only get the one to cut not the other part of it. Can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. Anyone have any advice?

Most likely, that part of the design is outside of the “printable” area. You need to move it.

I did move it around, and its in the cutting area but I still can’t get it to cut. Thanks


Hi, Eflyguy, I did that and when I tried to print it I got the “can only engrave bitmap files even though I saved it as a png.”
My lack of knowledge is showing again.

Thank you for sharing. It is amazing!
I didn’t have any draft board so I used a scrap piece of Home Dept 3/16" sanded plywood but it didn’t fit so I had to dremil the slots.
How do you adjust the slots if you are using a different size thickness material?

Either scale the entire design or replace the slots.

To scale the entire design, use a ratio. For example, the design was for 1/16" material and I want to use it on 1/4" material. So I want to scale the design bigger, and the ratio is NEW/OLD or (1/4)/(1/16). That works out to 4.0, or 4 times bigger.

A PNG is a bitmap :slightly_smiling_face:, you want to save as an SVG. If your not getting that option you’re likely using Edge. Chrome, Firefox or Safari will let you save as SVG.


Awesome, Thank you!