Hanging or Freestanding Snowflake Ornament

Saw something similar online and decided to try and reproduce it as a Glowforge file. Cut all pieces, assemble the frame and lock it together with the round disk. Hang the snowflake inside the frame.

All parts lock together if using draftboard. I haven’t tried it with anything else. The blue star is optional in case you want to cut an acrylic center for the snowflake.


Thanks. This looks like a classy, clean design.


Cute! Can we see a photo of the finished piece?
Thanks for the share at any rate. :santa:


Cool! Thanks for sharing! :sunglasses:


Nicely done!


Added an assembled photo. I haven’t applied any finish to the draftboard, but I did cut the center of the snowflake using white acrylic. Also just bent a paper clip to hang the snowflake, I’ll bling that a little more once I stain and seal everything.


Thanks so much! That really helps it - I didn’t visualize it quite as well as in the photo. This design has lots of possibilities. I’m thinking using clear acrylic for the snow flake, with a blue acrylic star, and cherry or walnut stand.


Very cute! I made a half sized one with clear acrylic for the frame and mirrored for the snowflake.
Hard to photograph, looks pretty :slight_smile:


Well that is very nice indeed. Thank you!

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where do you find mirrored acrylic?

The overflow bin at TAP Plastics, but they sell it online all over the place

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Oh, very nice! Thank you!! I like the acrylic idea, and the cut out for the star is fabulous!


Nice design - thanks for the share!

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Merry Christmas, I love the design.

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I really like this design but can’t seem to make it work. I’ve right clicked and saved as both a png and a bitmap file which are the only two options I get and get the same message on my glowforge.


An error occurred on your Glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your Glowforge off and then on again.

Can anyone help out a new guy?

You want to save it as an svg. What browser are you using? Windows 10 or Mac?

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You’re probably using Microsoft Edge, which for some inexplicable reason does not allow you to download SVG files. You need to use a different browser.


it is edge. internet explorerwont open the app. glowforge page. it shows glowforge in the tab at the top of the page but the page never loads

You should probably start a thread in Everything Else to figure out your problem with your browser, as opposed to cluttering up this thread.