Hanging paper light shade


I looked for some colored polypropylene sheets on Amazon, but could not find any. Went to Michael’s to get vellum and ended up with a package of colored card stock. $5 for 50 sheets.

Took about a minute to cut each page and needed 15 pages with two piece per sheet.


I ordered a fabric covered light socket and tried it out.


That looks so magical, it took me a while to figure out what I was looking at - how the pieces were fitting together. I like how warm and soothing it is. It would make nice bedside pendant light things.


It was a bit of a struggle. To put it together. The card stock held up pretty good, considering I pulled it apart twice to redo it. :sweat_smile:


The colors are phenomenal! Great job! :grinning:


you know what, i should be able to click the heart icon as many times as i want, and it should accumulate the hearts. because i want to give this many hearts.


Only when it is on. Not so much when it is off.


thats true about many things :man_shrugging:


I’m thinking some thin translucent HDPE sheets and a color changing LED bulb?


Colored bulb! Of course! Doh!

Back to the store.


Very cool! You could also try polyester stencil sheets—I’ve got some in translucent white—and they would hold up really well.

Love the lamp!






I once cut those out by hand from thin white flexible cutting boards. This way seems MUCH better!


My kid saw one of those at a craft fair last year and wanted one. Told her I would make her one when I got the GF. Got it Mon.

Would you mind sharing the pattern and settings?


Sorry, but the forum guidelines request you not ask people for their design unless they say “ask me” in their post. The assumption is that if someone wants to share they will post it in the Free Laser Designs category.

That said, asking questions like “where would I go about figuring out how to do that,” or “that’s awesome, would you be kind enough to explain…” are pretty good ways to achieve the same end result.


I don’t know if the instructable has the right file format but there’s also this:


That looks magic lit up and also a pain to assemble!


Really cool.

With all that volume, some kind of moving light would look really neat. I have one of these cheap spinning LED party effect bulbs and it is a lot of fun… I bet something like it would look killer inside that thing.

Looks like this when operating:


Ooh! What were your settings for Michael’s cardstock paper?