Happy Accidents


After making a votive candle holder for my daughter who works in a coffee shop…I thought, “That turned out pretty nice. ! I think I’ll make another.” IMG_1246|375x500 However, I forgot to convert a cut line to score and got something other than what I had planned.

But not to worry (for too long) because I had an “ah-ha” moment. So I now have an idea for a gift for my tennis partner.


Original image…


That’s a great accident LOL I love it :heart_eyes:


Wow! Great recovery!


That’s sure to be a ace!


I love those accidental design discoveries that wind up being better than the originals! :smile:


These are freaking amazing! You’ve invented a whole new way to do votives.


Those are really great accidents!


Lemons lead to lemonade… and who doesn’t like lemonade?


Such a versatile design!


But who likes lead? :grin::japanese_ogre: