Happy birthday card

Thought I’d try making a birthday “card” on some walnut PG I had while experimenting with scoring instead of engraving. I should have engraved the “happy birthday” but oh well, lesson learned. It’s not a super fancy thing or anything but if anyone wants it here’s the file!




Very nice - and thanks for the share!!


Pretty! I always forget to pick up cards in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


I re-up my stash of blank cards every few years – works for anything!

But who needs that when you can do this with the :glowforge:!


Thank you! I’ve learned so much from this community I wanted to be able to share something back :blush:

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Me too! Haha her birthday is today and there was no way I would have made it to the store with my toddler yesterday. I was able to make this during my kid’s nap!

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Haha exactly! Having this makes last minute gifts even easier

Thanks for the share.

Nice of you to share your file! She will enjoy that this is the only card like it! Very special!

Yesterday I mentioned to my grandson (5 years old) that I wanted to make a card for my sister this weekend … thinking I’d do something with flamingos … she likes flamingos. He said … oh, grandma … you need to do a cake with a flamingo for the topper! (He was saying on the card … but, I’m thinking I need to send the card early … with a pink acrylic flamingo cake topper).


My daughter wants wood wedding invites. Would you have any setting suggestions?

Thank you! It’s so simple and simply beautiful.

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