Happy Canada Day! 150 years as an Independent Dominion



ON July 1: to all of the Canadians on the forum. As usual, the neighbors to the south will usurp the publicity on the forum, but before the Yanks celebrate Independence day, you all should have your fun and festivity.


I’ll raise a glass to our friends to the north ! We celebrate all the things that make you special and unique !


Congratulations on 150 years! Oh, and thanks for Rush (the band, not the guy).


Well we are going to party hard! Downtown Ottawa is insane right now.

We promise not to burn down the white house again after our drunken fireworks fest.


I’m watching Canadian rescue kittens here in honor of the occasion.





Only if POTUS is there!! Ooops! I didn’t really say that!


Hey, like thanks, eh? I already know what I want my first engrave to be…


happy sesquicentennial, everyone. sesquifest is going on downtown thus weekend so I think we’really going to head out after biscuits and see what’s going on.


My wife and I just spent a week in Banff – pretty much every National Park is free to visitors as Canada celebrates 150 years. The country is beautiful. I’m from Atlanta, so we both were wishing we had mountains like those to see every day. Incredible.


That’s amazing!


Proper Nova Scotia kitchen party going on here!


@jktechwriter so I guess you were able to enjoy this scene? Best of Canada as far as i’m concerned. But I’m east coast so we don’t have anything that really compares (to Rockies) Lived in Calgary for several years. Went as often as possible. I reckon the glowie can replicate this with some detail, eh?




I grew up in the Detroit area, love our neighbors to the SOUTH. Take a look at a map @volivaa and you will clearly see why many of us in Detroit view Canada being south of the U.S.! :-)))

I also love the ones to the North!


Happy Canada Day! :boom::tada::fireworks::dizzy:



Gosh, I’d love to have that view out my window.