Happy Halloween: Season of the Witch


Fun for kids and adults!



Hi @bwente. Did you mean to upload a Halloween design? This one, while nice and all, looks like someone’s logo.


Yes I did, and yes!




I don’t know how to do the spoiler tags! Help!

I focused on the bugs and snakes and kinda forgot about the whole death thing.


You can use the “cog/gear” icon. But I was kinda joking. :grinning:


My first thought was that you were doing the whole “spoiler alert” joke for an old movie, but then I realized that some of our more sensitive or younger forum viewers might not like the gruesome death scene.


Times have changed. I saw the movie when I was young and impressionable.

I still have the jingle in my head.


It’s not working for me on the iPad. I’ll check in later on a computer!


I deleted it.


I did too. I was confused and upset because I was expecting Michael Myers and got creepy death-by-critters-inducing commercial jingles instead. That song is permanently embedded in my brain. I probably need to watch that movie again now that I’m older. The Halloween franchise has been thoroughly destroyed over the years, so I can’t really get upset about this movie now.


Reading this thread is like walking into a room where something has just gone down and everyone has a slightly guilty look. Should I ask you all to empty your pockets?