Happy New Year - mini calendar

Here is a perpetual mini calendar that I cut using some 5 x 7 scrap material (actual material used 3 x 6). It is a bit “fiddly” to put the pieces in and you only need to glue the two large pieces together.

Pro Tip: Use tape to remove pieces from the bed.

Total print time on medium draftboard, 6 minutes.

*edit: new export

mini calendar export


+1 for originality and for a design that is simple but works so well! Great share.


I’ve always loved perpetual calendars. Fun quick project! Thank you for sharing your file.

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@bwente - Question - I put the svg file directly into GF and since all the lines were the same color I had to either cut all, engrave all, or score all. So I put the file into Inkscape to change some colors so I could engrave numbers/letters and cut the lines. I found numerous 100% opacity areas. I brought them down to see what was under them, un-grouped, then there was another 100% opacity, un-grouped, etc. I know there is an easier way, but being new to all this it eluded me. Any pointers?

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Love this! I think I’m going to make one in fluorescent acrylic for my library circulation desk.

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This is great. would you mind sharing the file?

Let me export the file again and upload a new one. The one I made has everything separated out.


You might have to waste some material. I was being stingy and used the back to cut the legs. It is a bit tricky but the “tiles” shouldn’t fall through the back. If you want acrylic you would have to move the support legs from the back board.

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right click to download the file from the post.

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What a fun idea! Great project!!

absolutely fantastic!

It’s like a practical slide puzzle… without all the sliding. Awesome idea!

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Took me a little while to figure out why the little squares would not fall out and then realized they would never be in that area. Nice, clean, simple design. Thanks for the file.

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