Happy New Year!

The last 3 months have been fun, and now we’ve got a brand new year ripe with plenty of laser cutting ahead of us! Im looking forward to all of the cool things this year will bring. Happy New Year everyone!


In keeping with the long standing American tradition of Psychic predictions at the beginning of a new year… I predict that many Glowforge units will be shipped in 2016. Happy New Year. (pretty safe bet)


2016: The Year of the Glowforge

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this puts a strange vision in my head of everyone that owns a glowforge laser cutting the same exact thing all at the same time.
…I wonder if we could get in guinness world records by doing the largest synchronized laser cut


I’m down for that! It’s all web based so there has to be a way to do it! :slightly_smiling:

I just hope to stay calm while time passes until I get my Glowforge.

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I actually hopped on the forum tonight because it just hit me: I’m going to have a laser on my desk this year!!! (not to mention all the crazy, ridiculous ways that’s going to change life as I know it)

Stay Calm and Carry Laser-Eye-Protection.

I want my baby now!!!