Harbor freight sale on foam mats



And this says the full name is Polyvinyl Chloride Nitrile Butadiene Rubber.


ahhh yes… I have seen mats made of that. Theyre fairly different looking in person and a bit less stiff than the EVA mats.

Good to see they spelled out the chemical composition. It starts to get hairy when the word vinyl is thrown in the mix, and if Chlorine is actually in there and they forget it.


Can you please clarify this ‘burn test’? Obviously green flame is bad, but I’m not quite grasping the relation of the copper and the mat piece.


Search is your friend. ‘burn test’ turns up:





You heat a copper wire red hot and then brush it on the sample to melt a bit onto it. Then you return it to the flame and get a green flame if it has chlorine.

If you get any other colour it doesn’t have chlorine so it won’t eat your machine. It may well still give off poisonous gas like hydrogen cyanide. I don’t know if the GF filter handles that or not but if you are venting outside it should be OK.


Many thanks. Now I have to buy copper wire and a torch, too. (Love this, really, except I am going to have to figure out another space to play ‘shop’ eventually.)