Harbor freight sale on foam mats

Just FYI…Through the weekend…


Nice. I’ll wait for another, though. 1. They will always have another sale. 2. I don’t have the :glowforge: yet.


I think Pigheaded needs one - in case he has fallen asleep on the floor…


They have a parking lot sale here this weekend. They have the 20 ton press already on sale, and I have it on good authority it will be marked down further, so I plan on picking one up. I got Delrin in yesterday, so then pretty much all I need is my forge and I can do some leather and stamping. :smiley:


Just curious, how do you determine which of these floor mats are laser safe? Costco has a set with a really cool tight grid texture and the price is great of course. I read all over the packaging and could not determine what type of foam it was so I decided against it. Are all of these interlocking floor mats generally made of the same type of foam?


I think they are generally EVA.


I would think the product could probably be looked up online for additional information, too. As @palmercr says, they are generally EVA. EVA is generally safe. Despite the potential savings, probably safer to “when in doubt, don’t” until you can find more on them. If you discover it IS EVA, burn away. Just remember that EVA might need multi-pass to cut rather than be more melty.




Does “Materials - Vinyl/Nitrile blend” on an “Anti-Fatigue” floor mat mean EVA, or is there something more specific to look for when they are vague?

These are definitely EVA. I cut them all the time. 20% power 50ipm on my PRU cuts em like butter.

Also $6.99 is a pretty good price.


Anti-Fatigue says nothing about the material other than it is comfortable to stand on.

Vinyl / Nitrile means it isn’t EVA, it’s PVN which has PVC in it so you shouldn’t laser cut it.

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Thanks. I was curious, so I tried to find a mat matching the Costco description, and that is what I found.

Somewhat true, but you have to be careful. EVA is Ethylene-vinyl acetate which is perfectly fine to cut. Vinyl doesnt in anyway denote the presence of chlorine, except in the colloquialism “Vinyl” when referring to records made of PVC. Its really the C that is dangerous here.


Search for EVA foam mats to find them.

Indeed. I looked up PVN and the vinyl is PVC. Nitrile is a form of synthetic rubber so I assume they are quite different mats.

The ones that were in my local Costco are not available online at Costco.com at the moment. They looked just like what HF sells, but with a tight hatch/grid pattern. Next time I am there I will try to remember to snap a picture of the product for further research.

I had to go look, but the ones I picked up at HF a couple weeks ago say they are Neoprene rubber.

If in doubt, pick up a pack along with some copper wire and do a quick burn test.

If the flame’s not green, go for it in your GF.
If it’s green, you’ve got new floormats for your GF room.

You could always tear a corner of the packaging, sacrifice a tiny spot for the wire test and return if it burns green… :innocent:

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Ive only ever seen PVC Nitrile referred to in this way. Never as PVN, which is an explosive.
Im curious to see what youre looking at. Do you have a link?

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I got a much better deal on those from Costco than I did from HF… both purchased the same day. One concern of mine is whether the “Microban treatment” adds anything nasty to the EVA that we should worry about cutting.