Harness GF-ECA-00288 no warranty need parts help

having trouble with a heating fault. I do not have any warranty left on this unit. I have found the problem is the harness going to the flow/temp sensor on the left. side. 2 of the circuits are broken at the sensor connector. Any suggestions on where I can get a replacement harness. or at least terminals to repair this harness?

GF support said its not a replacement part. being its out of warranty they will not help.

Shame they wont even help you find a new harness. Surely they get it from somewhere. If you can remove the entire harness and see if you could get a local electrician make one or find one on the net.

Being an electronic harness they surely know it will go out eventually and should have a plan for replacement like they do for the wiring on the lid and other places otherwise now we all have noting more than a massive paper weight.

The cables are all custom made, so you won’t find it anywhere.

The connector should be a standard item you can get at any electronics supplier or even possibly on ebay or amazon. Without knowing which one you’re referring to, hard to say for sure.

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If it’s custom made then maybe take the cable to an electrician and see if they can make one. If not make one yourself. I have made a lot of cables instead of buying them just takes time,patience and testing…


It looks like a JST-5 connector. No guarantees it will work but you can look at the drawings on JST’s site and compare pitch and depth with a micrometer or ruler. They’re available on amazon, the 3-pin varieties are common for LED strips.

Best of luck, let us know if you find something that works.

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I was able to find a local shop that could make the repair. I am very surprised this is not more of a problem. It is about 10 inches long and with such small wire it really should be secured better in the machine to eliminate vibration issues.

as simple of a part as it is I don’t understand why GF would not make it a replaceable part. sooner or later they will find that they can make good profits out of parts sales. I was able to get mine repaired for $25 but that was after 2 days of calling and searching local computer repair shops and after 3 days of back and forth with GF. In all we have been out of production for almost 10 days.

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I think that’s ultimately the goal but like anything in business, priorities.

Sounds like you may have done more troubleshooting than the average user in tracking down the problem area?

Ultimately, they would need a way to isolate where the issue is (not sure how specific the logs are here but I don’t believe they would pinpoint the specific issue). Write up the details for repair, etc.

All in all, not a huge deal. Maybe a few days. All of those few day jobs though are ultimately other things of higher priority in their eyes not getting done. And I don’t know offhand how many issues we have seen of this pop up. I’ve read more of the public problems and support stuff and don’t recall it specifically.

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Yea if I didn’t have a back ground in electronics on over the road trucks I prolly would not have did the trouble shooting that I did. The trouble shooting GF gave me more or less led me to the problem. They thought it was a faulty sensor and I fund a broken circuit which on a log file would look like a faulty sensor. Its just frustrating to have such good tech support but so little hardware support.


Curious where that was. There’s no moving parts anywhere near the main distribution board, so can’t figure out where a connector like that would be.

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Connected to the board that I had trouble with on the left side of the machine. That top left one in this photo, I’m guessing.

yes its is the top left in the pic it goes to a temp/flow sensor on the coolant tank on a Pro model. and no there are no “moving parts” near this connector but with the laser head movement it does send vibrations throughout the machine that we can not see with the covers on. the fact that this harness is 10 inches long and not secured anywhere in the body of the harness allows small vibrations to be magnified by the length of the harness. like a bull whip affect.

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I had a Macintosh Plus many years ago. And after a year or so, the video started getting really “noisy”. Lots of flickering. Traced the problem to where the CRT’s flyback transformer was soldered to the PCB. That transformer doesn’t vibrate a lot, but it does vibrate at a high frequency all the time the Mac is in operation. Over time, that vibration would fatigue and fracture the solder connection. 10 seconds with a soldering iron fixed it every time. You don’t have to have perceptible motion for something to fatigue and fail.

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Hi, have same problem. Very happy you got fix. Do you know by chance what exactly cable do they use? Because GF don’t sell parts, and they asked me to replace for different printer but I need to pay for a lot of money. What state are you? Thanks!

Do you replace it? If yes what cable do you use and where did you find it! Thanks!

Seems like I sent you message twice, sorry, didn’t notice till send it!!

Just so you know, this post was two years ago. The OP may or may not be on the forum anymore. If you look at the very top of this page, you will see that Glowforge has a shop that sells supplies and also sells some parts. Try looking in there.


Thanks for your response, unfortunately they don’t sell it. They just want to replace my printer with another, but that printer wasn’t new, and warranty just 3 months. And I don’t want to send my printer them because I was talking care of mine. I believe you understand me!! Thanks again!!

Also I have to pay pretty much money for that…

I understand. Unfortunately, there are some parts that cannot be fixed or replaced by an owner and that looks like one of them. Yes, a refurbished machine is still pretty expensive, but I guess you need to just decide for yourself if it’s worth it to you to have a Glowforge. Wishing you good luck.