Harry Potter Book Nook- Free file

I designed the file, I draw for a living and also make products like this.


Holly, I do hope you are successful in your bid to become a catalog designer. Your designs are fresh and quirky, just what the catalog needs. And you’ve been so generous in sharing your designs over the years. Thanks so much for this one!


Wow can’t wait to try it! Is that 1/8 ply or 1/4 ply?

How awesome! Thanks for the share!!

1/8th or 3mm forgot to mention that, sorry about that.


Thank you for the inspiration. I made one this evening and just finished printing it. Mine is much simpler.

I need to recut the inserts, there is not enough light getting through to the other layers.

UPDATE: The finished project…


It is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I am very new to all of this, will you explain how to upload this file. My granddaughter loves HP.
Thanks in advance

Have you followed the “first prints” tutorials you were directed to after setup?

4: Print a Design You’ve Uploaded

Right click on the line drawing in the original post. That is the file. A fly out menu will appear and you select “Save Image as svg” The file will download to your computer.

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Thank you for offering this to us. It is great.

Thank you so much. Being a senior and learning all this can be challenging.

Thank you so much for the reminder.

Thank you so much. I have 3 daughters obsessed with Harry Potter who will love this.

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very nice setup you have. thankyou for sharing your design. my question is what are all the setting that you used to make this or im i pushing it to far.

Your settings will vary by what material you use. She used 1/8" materials. So whatever you normally use that is 1/8," that would be your settings. And settings for non-proofgrade materials can only be discussed in Beyond the Manual of the forum.


How do i download this imagine

Thanks so much for the generous share!

right click on this image

and save as…


Wow!!! This is amazing! I’m an totally crazy Harry Potter Fan and this makes me so happy. Can’t wait to do it with my GF :heart_eyes:
Many many thanks for that!!! :kissing_heart: