Harry Potter Bookmark, and other bookmarks

I got some craft wood at hobby lobby, I love that wood so much because the thickness is a bit thicker than venner sheets (not glowforge veener normal veneer) and it engraves really well. You guys can have the SVG for the harry potter one.


Your engraves are very uniform in color. I usually get more banding. Beautiful work. :grinning:


These will really dress up the books they are used in. Nicely done.


These are awesome, nice job!


Very nice! Thank you!

Cool bookmarks, not something I’ve attempted yet. What dept. do they have the wood you’re speaking about, I’d like to check at the one near me because it may have other applications I’ve been looking for a material for.

Thank you.

The wood is usually in the “model car/ woodworking” sections at craft store like micheals and hobby lobby, its a variety of woods, but usually Balsa and birch.
They come in sheets that are long and thin, usually like 4 feet long, 3 inches thick.

Amazing detail! Thanks for sharing!

Absolutely love these! My sister (the HP fanatic would love the HP one, I personally love your feathers one!)

The feathers look elegant! Nice work!

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Gorgeous, I love those feathers!