Harry Potter Monopoly (Gamer)

From the time I got my Glowforge I had this project in mind but it took me quite a while to get around to making all of the parts. Truthfully, having seen some of the other HP boards on here, I’m not sure this one really competes! Nevertheless, I figured I’d share it…

This isn’t the final version but it’s the copy that got a photo shoot. The game guide has been made to look like the Marauder’s Map now and I have laser-cut play tokens. Because balancing the handmade hickory dice was such a pain, I have taken to making a modular die on the GF and piecing it together.

The material nearly everything is printed on is almost identical to proofgrade draftboard but it has a papery surface that wipes clean of burn residue with a damp cloth! I get it from a nearby cabinet shop’s throwaway scrap - this is the material they put in the back of their cabinets.


Lovely attention to detail. Have you played the game Hogwarts Battles. If not I would recommend it to an HP fan.


Simply breathtaking, don’t really know what else to say!


Awesome project!


This is done really well. Love the foot prints running around the board.

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They actually serve a purpose, too. One can travel from one Marauder’s Map space to the next, so the footprints literally lead to the space you can travel to.

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Very nice work! Pretty nice results from what would have gone to the dumpster.


I like how you laid out your spaces. Well done. I still haven’t even played my HP Monopoly yet!


So cool!

Wow, that is simply amazing! :clap:

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This is truly awesome. Such crisp detail. Congrats!!

Well done! It looks great and I love the dovetails to join the boards together.

What a fun version of the game! I’d like it a lot better than the original.

Terrific job on the board! What other HP twists did you add to the rules. Milton Bradley would be proud!

Great job, may I ask how many pieces or sections does just the game board consist of, I asking about the board only. It looks like you used a puzzle like system to connect the board sections, Am I correct.

Again, wonderful job and thanks for the feedback.

It’s in 4 pieces. It is a kind of puzzle shape in the middle area and cuts around the “railroad” property.

The board will technically fit in the Glowforge as a half-board but I found it easier and more reliable to make it in 4 pieces. It made the box to contain the game easier to design as well.

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There are cost/benefits to being in a particular Hogwarts house - for example, Slytherins can get out of jail cheaper, and Ravenclaws have a chance to roll to avoid having to go to jail when they land on that space.

The Chocolate Frog cards are all unique and though they cause you to gain/lose like Chance and Community Chest, they’re not really based on the original game at all.

Otherwise, if you’ve played the Monopoly Gamer edition of the game, it’s fairly similar.