Harry Potter?!?!?

Thanks guys. I’ve been having so much fun with my machine. I had
more projects I wanted to make just for the exchange but I was already sending so much. I thought it would be absurd to add more. :joy::joy: I had a book book planned, hogwarts bookends, a time turner and a few other bits. :rofl:

The GF is the best purchase I’ve ever made even if she’s currently being obstinate!

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That’s a top tier Harry Potter collection! How much fun are all those items. Great job :star_struck:

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Do you have files for these available? I would love to purchase!!!

Welcome to the community. It is against forum rules to ask for files. If they want to make them available, they would be posted in the Free Laser Designs category (for personal use only). In this case though, Harry Potter designs are copyrighted material so sale of them would be prohibited anyway.

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Thanks. I was going to respond with something similar but I’m super busy making things for a friend’s, ironically, Harry Potter themed wedding that’s in a few weeks. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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By the end of your username it looks like you might be in Portland? I’m down the road in Silverton.

That’s awesome! I’m actually trying to convince my parents to buy property in Silverton. My sister and I live up here and they’re still outside of New Orleans. My mom is a master gardener and I think she’d love volunteering or working at the Oregon gardens. We’re actually not far from you. We’re in Oregon City/Beavercreek not far from 213.


Well, hello neighbor! We’ve lived here in the same house now for 48 years. It’s a great little community…getting bigger everyday, though. Sure would be better proximity for your sister and you to see your parents…NO is a very long ways away.

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It’s too far away. They have 40 acres and it’s just getting to be too much. The summers are longer than ever. It’s starting to take a toll on the both of them. And they miss us and the grandbabies.

I’ll have to message you next time I wander down there. Maybe we could meet for coffee!

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That would be fun!