Has anyone attempted cutting a 3M monitor privacy filter?

I’ve got a big one here that I’d like to make into a much more custom smaller one, but have not tried any “does this contain chlorine” tests yet. Anyone have any words about the material?

If no one’s attempted it yet, I’ll chime back after playing around a bit.


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Any luck finding an msds? Does it maybe have a recycling symbol on it anywhere? Probably not but worth checking.


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Yes indeed! After I’d given up on the idea of laser cutting it, (and simply printed a page with guide cuts for the paper cutter at work) I finally opened the box to find an HDPE recycling symbol on the plastic wrapper. Good call!

It also turned out that the box for the screen was much larger than the actual screen inside. I’d have ended up simply cutting one end off (perhaps with nicely rounded corners) anyways.

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