Has anyone been cutting 0.37-0.40 material?

I will try that! thank you- here is an image of my problem…

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If this is is after running the calibration you need to rerun the calibration. It looks like it makes a bunch of marks and is done, but that is only the start, and it may take an hour or more to work out the math to line up the camera with the actual places. Even after that a millimeter difference in height different from what it thinks the height is can cause that much error.

For this reason, you must use Set Focus Before placing your designs as only then will they be properly placed. After you have set the location, even if it does not look properly in place, the precision numbers will assure that the cut will be in exactly the same place.

If you look here all those pieces including the tiny ones had to be cut several times for different reasons, The pendants are cut on one side and flipped over to be cut from the back, There is nothing special of my machine, only going properly through all the steps. If you do that your machine will be just as accurate.