Has anyone cut 1/2 chalkboard 1/2 dry erase board

so i bought some at lowes 1/8th in thick
i thought it would be cool having the two colors for earrings and things
has anyone cut this yet? is it safe?


Hi! If you use the search tool, you will find several posts about both materials. Not necessarily a 1/2 and 1/2 combo, but possibly that, too. Good luck!

If you find you are not able to cut through it or find it not to be a safe material. there is a chalk board spray paint sold by rust-oleum that might help you out.

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I suspect either finished version of those materials is not safe for you and/or the GF. But as @primal_healer noted, there is spray chalk board paint, but also cans for brush-on, and there is also dry erase paint available–originally was clear to paint over a wall/surface of any color, but they might be able to tint it now, too, so you can go to town cutting the shapes, and then finish afterwards with the coating.

And as for original chalk boards–slate–you can etch slate, so cutting would be possible, but comparitively slow.

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… or find the MSDS for the material. Google is your friend.

I just looked up what an MSDS was, and now I am amazed.

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Dry erase boards are usually “hardboard” which is like MDF except it’s harder. However, that difference is achieved with, in part, a formulation difference. Hardboard often has formaldehyde in the binder used to stick all those wood fibers together. You can laser it, but the fumes are exceptionally bad to breath, both for you and anyone who’s downwind of your exhaust vent…

That being said, Lowes and Home Depot will have MDF in 1/4" thickness, and maybe even 1/8" and it cuts beautifully. And at about 15% higher speed than PG MDF defaults cut at.