Has anyone cut cabinet laminate?

I am hoping to create a tessellation countertop using laminate. Concerns?

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I’ve cut/engraved melamine but that’s it.

Ventilate well, they tend to generate formaldehyde.

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Don’t have my GF yet, but in the past tried cutting laminate with a 40w Epilog. It was very difficult getting a clean cut, really wide charred kerf. Wasn’t satisfied with the result.
I believe the sample I had was counter grade (thicker than wall grade) and also had a somewhat textured but matte surface. My suggestion would be to try different brands and styles. One of the advantages of having a laser at home is the ability to run more tests than is usually practical at a Makerspace.
And yeah, the smell is bad!

I cut HPL no problem

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Nice work, @buschtrent!
Do you recall what material you used (thickness, brand, finish)? Unfortunately I don’t have the specifics on the material I used.

Wilson art. .031 thick. Various sheens. Did not seem to effect the cut. Be sure to mask though.

.031 approx 1/32nd of an inch. ???


Hi, great project! I am actually using some of the same spec Wilsonart .031 HPL. Do you happen to recall your cut GF settings?

Unfortunately, Glowforge changed the power scaling after I made this and I don’t remember the settings. It only took about 15 minutes of experimenting to get good cuts so don’t worry about it. Just create a small sample program and test and tweak until you get what you want.
I do remember that you have to put painter’s masking tape on both sides of the HPL in order to minimize soot getting all over the parts. Believe me it is better to mask than spend hours cleaning cut parts.
Have fun