Has anyone else noticed the bottom shield is really magnetic?



I redesigned my thick-material supports to have magnets inside them. And I’m trying to think of ways to get nice positioning as well.


Do you mean the grate? Yes, we spent a premium to make that out of a ferrous material!


I think he means the steel plate under the grate.


I’m glad it is magnetic, I’ve had great success making paper stencils with those magnets on it.


Yep, the steel plate. I have some stepped thingies for holding up thick stuff, and the first generation kept skittering away because they’re just little bits of wood. So the second generation has cutouts in the bottom for rare earth magnet disks. (It’s a very simple design, but I can post if people want).


Magnetic and easily scratched by rare earth magnets that are VERY hard to remove from it. When I pull the tray now, I put paper or something under the magnets to help with release.


I have been wrapping all my magnets in tape or something like. Otherwise my fingers are not strong enough.


First time, I had to drag over to the edge of the base to give it a little less metal to grip to.