Has anyone else used this joint?



It’s sort of a knockdown finger joint kind of thing for holding and aligning stuff at arbitrary angles. These little tables were proof of concept for some bake sale displays (but I don’t know if the full-size ones will happen)

And then the top just gets those holes to lock it to the legs.

If anyone wants to use or riff, please go ahead.


These look great to me … will give them a try! :glowforge::sunglasses:


Oh, btw, the version in the picture has tiny little holes for those toothpicks to keep the lower disk from falling out. Don’t know that they’re necessary, but when you’re prototyping stuff…


Like it and to your question, yes I use this joint all the time. Get your kerf right and everything stays together very well. For permanent assembly a few drops of super glue finishes up.


Very very neat! :grinning:


I also realized that for a display stand there’s nothing stopping those little disks from growing big flat display surface of their own for a multilevel effect.


Very cool! I like these little tables for display purposes.


To keep the disk locked I was having it rotate so the parts that slide would no longer align and then add another that uses the same hole so the disk will no longer rotate. Then you can reverse the process and take it apart easily…


I also made this rather ungainly table using the basic concept and also making it taller than the Glowforge can cut at one time, and using tension to add strength, as well as locking everything with parts blocking other parts from coming apart.

At the heart of it was this:



I will give it a try.


I spun off half way between yours and mine. I tried filled in and open. I need a base for a bench to put a rack of materials so both will be used. the filled in is a bit sturdier but I think a full Inkscape swirls and leaves is a way to go, however.

If you watch the last LOTR movie, as Frodo is in bed the room behind him has a gorgeous table that you get about a quarter second to look at but has been where I would like to head with the ideas eventually.


Nice! For a little more strength, you could do leaves and branches that take up part of that opening. With a quick defocused score to outline the leaves and major veins. Maybe grapes?


Yes, come to think of it I have all these textures from places like this and other places. I am not allowed to share the Images but I am allowed to use them as here…


Nice! Thank you … Might be fun for pie stands at Thanksgiving.