Has anyone engraved a yeti?

I understand we can do some curved surfaces, but I was wondering if anyone had any success or suggestions for a plastic/acylic such as a yeti or artic LID*?

edit I meant lids for the cups. I copied and pasted this from my notes and forgot to change.

I DID, I DID! It was around Christmas but I threw away the file. :smiley:



Your biggest problem will probably be vertical clearance. What’s the diameter of your mug? If it’s over about 1.8” you are pretty much out of luck because it just won’t fit.

That’s why most people do shot glass-sized things.


I will update the post… I meant yeti lids… :slight_smile: thanks

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My first thought was, why would you do that to a microphone?


I was thinking of fuzzy creatures. :wink:


me too but I couldn’t figure out how to get them to fit through the passthrough slot


Always bad to come in with the great (and too obvious) joke and discover so many beat you to it and better than what you were thinking :roll_eyes:


I saw one listing for the clear, non-magnetic style yeti lid that says it is made from Tritan™ copolyester and silicone, but that was an after-market source. You could look for a resin identification code or a plastic recycle code molded into the product, but I would probably just contact Yeti customer support and ask.
As for the curvature, what part of the lid are you trying to engrave? Even if you do determine the lids to be laser-safe, I think you might be limited to the top/bottom because of the size, and the top/bottom aren’t curved enough to be a concern.

Like this?



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