Has anyone engraved Apple Airpods?

Hi folks! Long-time lurker/first time posting here with a question. My daughters both got a set of Apple Airpods from their mother for Xmas. For our younger daughter, this was a replacement set since she lost hers at school a month ago. She learned thru the grapevine that another student had found a set of airpods that same day and was excited about his new acquisition. She wasn’t able to learn who the kid was and, of course, all airpods are white with no distinguishing marks to identify them.

That got me thinking. I’ve seen plenty of folks engrave their phones, tablets, etc.

Has anyone engraved a set of Apple Airpods and/or their storage/charging case? If so, how did it turn out? What settings did you use. I want to put their names & contact info on their respective units so that they can be identified, if necessary, should they become lost or stolen.

Thanks in advance for any info/help/advice that you all can share.


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That plastic is not going to be engravable. You could maybe make a stencil.


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