Has anyone engraved on "Cork Leather"

Good day fellow GF’s
I got a request to engrave 300 bibles owned by my client already, but I have never heard of Cork Leather, sounds like its synthetic but wanted to check with the community first
here is a link to the bibles, but not much of a description

Hmm I’ve heard of cork fabric, I wonder if it’s the same. Did google tell you anything worthwhile?

There are a couple of “cork fabric” discussions. Maybe helpful?


Yes Ive searched for it online, but it comes back to the bibles themselves. Nothing on the actual properties. The word “leather” is whats throwing me off as Ive seen the cork fabric engraved already.
Thank you for the link

Yeah. That’s tricky because fake leather can be PVC. Unless you can get form confirmation that it’s not made of pvc I wouldn’t touch it.



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I looked and couldn’t find anything bad about cork fabric (which is almost certainly the same thing as cork leather) and laser cutting it.

I believe that cork itself if fine, it’s the backing that can contain noxious stuff. It depends on who is making it and the backing that is selected.

It’s been a while since I’ve engraved cork fabric. Last I tried, these were my settings (they might be a good place to start testing):
Engrave settings: 1000/20/270

I have successfully used thin leather settings to cut cork fabric for making wallets.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for taking time to respond to my inquiry.
I will go ahead and take the job

Luis Saenz

Thank you so much. I sure hope so.
I will go ahead and take the job.

Luis Saenz

This will help.
Thank you Robert

Luis Saenz

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FWIW, here were my setting for engraving cork fabric. Good luck with your project!


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Thank you. I’m trying to remove it but no luck from my phone .
Will have to check it once I get home from work
I truly appreciate it

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You got rid of your phone number and website, but not your email.

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Ahhh thank you for watching out for the community

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