Has anyone engraved Poppin journals?

I have a set of small passport-sized journals from Poppin. Does anyone know if these are safe to engrave? On their site, they say the covers are polyurethane. It sounds like some polyurethane may be safe… What questions should I ask them specifically to know for sure?

These are the ones I have:

Thank you!


Ask for the MSDS.

As always, this has been discussed many times. Search the forum for “MSDS”, and you’ll find lots of discussions about them: what they are, how to read them, etc.

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I did search for this, just thought I’d ask in case anyone had experience with this brand. I’ve asked their customer service for an MSDS, and was told, “We don’t recommend laser engraving the Notebook, as we typically brand emboss the product.” Which I’m not sure if I should interpret as “we emboss it BECAUSE it shouldn’t be laser engraved,” but that’s all I was able to find out.

Hmm yeah it’s hard to know why they said not to. They don’t sound very forthcoming.

In any case, they really ought to give you the msds you ask for. I think they’re obligated?